Why you need a brilliant about page…

If you think your about page is about YOU, that’s where you’re going wrong...

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My gift to you (Covid19 part 2)

I’ve now decided to offer it completely free! This is because I genuinely think this is something that can help you create a loyal base of customers.

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What I learned from having suspected Covid19…(part 1)

...helplessness that I couldn’t do anything when Hugo (aged 3) was struggling to breathe and we had to wait 5 hours for an ambulance.

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Will you make lemonade out of the Coronavirus?

Can you really make lemonade out of something as despairing and hopeless as the Coronavirus?

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Welcome to The Jewellery Spot


NEW: new video series 'Monday Motivation'

Your weekly dose of marketing tips and motivation to get your week off to a flying start!

Available on IGTV and Youtube.

Spotted at: Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

I had such a fab time perusing the amazing talent and meeting the fabulous people…see some of my favourites here…

If you sometimes find it hard to get going, then don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction – so I designed these FREE postcards to help you along.

You can pin them on the wall, write a note to yourself, spread the love with a friend – anything you like really.

"Victoria is personable, relatable and relaxed but professional at the same time and evidently passionate about coaching and supporting others.

"Highly recommended if you want to drive your business forward online and offline!"