We’re all just looking to be happy, right?  But have you ever thought about all the different ways a fabulous piece of jewellery can make you feel great?

I’ve loved jewellery for so many years because of the way it makes me feel special – especially handmade or bespoke jewellery that I know I won’t find many other people wearing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive – just be original and tell a story.

Here’s five different ways jewellery makes me happy…

1. It’s a gift   

We all love feeling loved right?  So when someone takes the time to really think about us, it makes us feel absolutely amazing!  When someone gifts me an item of jewellery, I think about them every single time I wear it and it makes me feel great that someone cared enough to select a beautiful piece just for me.  

I also love the fact that it’s very often a piece I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself.  Hands up who looks at their wardrobe and realises they’ve got pretty much the same pair of jeans five times over?!  Yes me too! We all end up buying for ourselves pretty much the same things, so I just love it when someone buys me something that they’ve chosen and expands my collection.

2. It has a story

Of course, material goods aren’t everything, so for me it’s about what the jewellery symbolises which makes it so very special.  The story could be anything – from a piece of heirloom jewellery passed down generations, to a piece you bought for a special occasion.  Maybe you saved up with your very first wage packet to buy it, maybe your daughter made it with her tiny little hands. Or maybe you bought it to mark a special achievement in your life.  

Whatever that story is, you can guarantee that when you wear that piece, those feelings come flooding back to you.  I have a silver ring I bought in Paris more than 15 years ago after I spent a tough summer working in France. I bought it as a symbol to myself that I can get through difficult situations, and to keep going.  I still love that ring now and wearing it helps me to feel invincible.

Silver ring I bought in Montmartre, Paris

3. It’s fun

There’s definitely a place for serious jewellery in life – an engagement ring for instance, or a classic string of pearls. But sometimes it’s just good to have a bit of fun.  The perfect example is Tatty Devine’s bold and iconic pieces. Sometimes you’ve just got to wear jewellery that simply makes you smile because it’s intrinsically happy. This Fairground Arrow necklace even looks like a smile!

Tatty Devine’s supersized Fairground Arrow Necklace

5. It gives you confidence

I’ve got to be honest.  I’m not always the most confident of people walking into a room of strangers.  But sometimes you’ve just got to take a deep breath and put yourself out there.  It honestly makes it a whole lot easier if you know you have a conversation starter at the ready. 

I’ve heard them called ‘wotsits’ or ‘thingimabobs’ before by motivational experts. In other words, they’re something distinctive and original you can wear which someone can easily comment on and start a conversation with you.  Did you think the art of a good conversation is just in the talking? Well, isn’t it great to know you can make a plan before you go out to wear a knockout piece and know you’ll have something to talk about.  No more awkward silences.

Doodle Statement necklace by Victoria Brown

A great example of a conversational piece is the Doodle statement necklace that I specifically designed for an outfit for the races. Of course I’m incredibly lucky that I’m in the position to be able to design my own pieces. But there is a wealth of original designs out there which would do the same job. Or for a really special occasion you could always commission your own! There’s also no denying that wearing a beautiful and distinctive piece of jewellery will make you feel great and super confident.  It just will.

Victoria in the Doodle statement necklace

4. It’s beautiful

There are many different styles of jewellery out there, but all of it’s designed to be beautiful and adorn us in some way.  Yes we wear it because it’s beautiful, and especially when you get a well crafted piece you can spend a long time sitting there and just admiring its beauty.  Who needs an iPad when you can just gaze at a stack of Jo Hayes Ward rings? Look at the way they sparkle and glimmer!

So for me, jewellery’s so much more than just an ornament.  Wearing a fab piece of jewellery not only gives me confidence, but also helps connect me with my memories and loved ones.  

Do you have a special piece of jewellery which makes you feel happy? Why not share it on Instagram, using #happyjewellery.  I’d love to see your special pieces!