My name's Victoria and I LOVE jewellery.

And i’m not just talking about how pretty it looks when you wear it (although that’s really important too).

No, I’m talking about what each piece means to you. Maybe it was a special present.

Maybe it once belonged to someone significant in your life or maybe you bought it to mark a special occasion or achievement.


I also love finding out the journey a piece of jewellery has been from.  

Many of the makers interviewed on this blog talk passionately about how each piece of their jewellery has a little bit of them inside it.  What a wonderful thought that each tiny piece is a miniature work of art, on which the designer has left their mark forever.

I create jewellery myself and I was frustrated by how there are so few places for jewellery designers to tell their stories, so I set up this blog.

It’s dedicated to showcasing it, hearing the stories behind the designers and empowering you how to tell your story.

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