• Postnatal ambition

    “Your priorities will change”, they said. “Your career won’t matter any more.” On the first count they were right. But on the second they were oh, so wrong.


  • Fairtrade gold – what’s the big deal?

    Eco-conscious, plastic-free, fairtrade.   These have all become buzzwords over the last couple of years, as we become increasingly aware of the impact we’re having on our planet. Cost and quality were once the main or only things we thought about when considering a purchase. But our thought process has shifted. We‘re now often prepared to […]


  • Made in the UK?

    How important is it to you that something is made in the UK? Do you take the time to buy locally made products, or is the product (and its price) more important to you than where it’s made? Well, you might be interested to know about a brand new scheme which has been launched by […]