Writing your about page…it’s confusing, right?

I mean, you know it’s important, but WHAT on earth are you supposed to put on it? Is it a bio? Is it supposed to be formal? Is is supposed to be a chat?

I used to wonder all that too. As a jewellery designer, I would be sooo confused about what exactly I was supposed to write. I got into a mindset where I was so tense, I went into this weird formal style of writing, that totally didn’t CONNECT with my customers.

And then I realised. My about page isn’t about ME at all! I suddenly realised that I could actually use all my years of communication and marketing experience to approach this in a completely different way. A way that not only connects with my customers once. But also brings them on a journey with me, so I can serve them even better in the future.


Do you want to learn how?

I’ve put together a focused live training course to help you rock your about page. It will take you through step-by-step how to write the perfect about page for your business. A page that will not only help you connect more deeply with new and existing customers, but turn them into long-term fans of your brand…bringing longevity to your business.

Sound good? You can sign up here…

The live training takes place via video call on Tuesday 14 April from 8pm-9pm, and FOR ONE TIME ONLY IT WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE. You have to be available for the training at this time, as it will be live and you will have the opportunity to ask questions as we go through the course.

The course will be an hour long and you will get a downloadable workbook to complete after the live training, which will guide you through the process of putting together your perfect about page.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s ROCK YOUR ABOUT PAGE!

What people say about this course:

“The fact that my about page is about my customer and not about me was a revelation! It seems obvious when you say it, but I hadn’t been thinking that way at all.”

Rebecca Wilson, Rebecca Wilson Jewellery

“Victoria showed me a way of approaching an age old website must have in a new and interesting way.”

Kate Smith, Kate Smith Jewellery

“I’m still not finished writing and adjusting my new About Page, but I already have a bunch of ideas I want to implement, thanks to your training!”

Catarina Nordeste, Caterina Nordeste Joalharia