• The one big secret to Instagram

    Ok, hands up.  Honesty time. Who went and set up an Instagram account for their business because, well, someone told you should?  Did someone say to you, โ€œYou sell your stuff? Well you need to be on Instagram then.โ€  And then did you just go and set up your account, but not really know why? […]


  • 3 big myths about Instagram that may be holding you back

    If youโ€™ve been using Instagram for a while and not getting results, I hear you.  It can be tricky if things arenโ€™t working for you and you canโ€™t understand why.  But it could just be that youโ€™ve got the wrong information! Believing the wrong things about Instagram will get you the wrong results. But with […]


  • 5 ways Instagram stories can help your business!

    If youโ€™re new to Instagram, (and even if youโ€™re not) you might be a bit confused about Instagram stories.ย  What are those tiny little circles across the top of the screen? How do you post your own stories? And what on earth is the point anyway?ย  I mean, you already have an Instagram feed – […]